Best 10000 Watt Portable Generators Review

Heavy-duty generators such as 10000-watt portable generators are a must-have in the restaurants and hotel businesses. These generators supply electricity to buildings during power outages and power many devices. These generators are a convenient solution to power outage problems, and can increase customer retention for businesses.

That said, choosing the right generator and getting the most out of your investment can be a massive challenge. Since there is a plethora of options available in the generator market, choosing the right option for your residential and commercial property requires detailed evaluation. This post contains the best 10000-watt portable generators and a buying guide to simplify your decision-making process.

Top 5 Top 10000 Watt Portable Generators Review

Here is the list of 10000-watt portable generators to suit your needs:

1.     Pulsar PG10000B16

The Pulsar PG10000B16 generator has every essential feature that you require to deal with sudden power outages. It contains a button with a recoil battery and backup for a quick and smooth start, making it very convenient to use. Also, you can run this heavy-duty generator on gasoline and liquid propane. The Switch & Go technology in this generator ensures you can switch between different modes while the generator is on.

When the generator is on gas, it produces 10000 peak watts and 8000 rated watts. Meanwhile, on LPG it offers 9000 peak watts and 7000 rated watts. When it comes to capacity, Pulsar makes sure that you don’t go out of fuel. The 6.6-gallon tank can offer 12-hour non-stop performance. The only complaint you will find about this generator is the loud noise. However it makes up for the loud noise with its long runtime, dual-fuel ability, and two-year warranty.

User’s Testimonial:

I love everything about this generator! Best generator I’ve ever had.

Conal J. Blanchard

2.     DuroMax XP12000EH

Many people call this 1000-watt portable generator “the beast” due to the high amount of energy offered by its original Duromax 457 cc OHV engine. The engine has starting watts of 12000, while the running watts are 9500. Like Pulsar, Duromax XP 12000EH has dual fuel options as well. The option to choose between propane and gas is the big selling point for this generator.

Another reason to purchase DuroMax XP12000EH is the built-in noise reduction technology. The noise reduction feature is remarkable, especially because of the generator’s size. It is a huge generator with massive size and weight. This means that you might struggle to lift and move it around the house or workplace. Furthermore, the absence of remote start features makes it difficult to turn on the generators.

User’s Testimonial:

So Far So Good & Solid Value

Shawn C.

3.     Westinghouse WGen9500DF

Westinghouse WGen 9500DF makes the list of the best 10000 watt portable generators with its 12500 peak watts and 9500 running watts. This generator offers a remote start button with a key fob offering convenience. The 6.6-gallon fuel tank gives up to 12 hours of run time. This means that you don’t have to refill the tank every couple of hours.

The generator contains two standard household receptacles, which include one RV for 120V and 240V, one transfer switch for 120V L12-30R, and two 5V USB ports. The manufacturers ensure extra safety by adding a rubber cover for the switches.

User’s Testimonial:

Super performance with great quality and value. I recommend this one to everyone.


4.     Honda EB10000

This is a heavy-duty generator and weighs around 403 pounds, which makes it suitable for commercial use. The manufacturer included wheels and handles for mobility and convenience. The fuel tank is larger than other generators on the list. It contains an 8.1-gallon tank, which means you can use it for more than 14 hours. Besides the tank’s size, Honda has a large machine for improved, noiseless performance.

The generator offers a low noise level due to a perforated mechanism and a muffler. These components release the exhaust gas smoothly, reducing the noise. The machine contains various technologies for smooth and convenient performance. For instance, it includes Honda Oil Alert technology that turns off the machine when the oil level is low.

User’s Testimonial:

Industrial grade, hefty price tag but highest quality generator in the market.

Derek R. Thomas

5.     All Power America APGG10000GL

APGG10000GL by All Power America is a budget-friendly option with good performing machine. This generator’s engine size is 420 cc, which is enough to power an average-sized commercial setting. The large 8-gallon fuel tank offers a 14-hour runtime, which reduces the hassle of frequent refueling. Despite the heavy-duty performance, the machine runs quietly.

This generator’s dual-fuel feature offers variability and flexibility, allowing users to switch between propane and gasoline with peak power indicators. Also, it offers 10000 watts on gasoline and 8500 watts on propane. However, the running watt is about 8000 watts to 7000 watts.

User’s Testimonial:

Good Unit, Solid Build, Seamless performance.

Will W

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Buying Guide for Beginners

Now that you have a list of the best 10000-watt portable generators, you can choose from these options. However, if you want to make an informed decision, you must consider this buying guide. In this buying guide, you will find features to consider before purchasing a generator for your residential or commercial property.

Running Time

The running time depends on the fuel tank capacity and consumption. Most 10000-watt portable generators can run up to 13 hours utilizing 50% load. You can find advanced generators that can run for up to 24 hours. But the operating time of these generators drastically reduces over time.

Fuel Tank Capacity

While purchasing generators, you should consider the fuel tank capacity. A 10000 watts portable generator contains up to an 8-gallon tank. Generators with high fuel tank capacity can operate for more than 10 to 15 hours.


While in most cases, a big engine means high performance, but that is not entirely true. Some models have smaller engines yet they are more powerful. You should consider rated power to determine the engine’s performance which is the continuous power output.

Noise Level

Propane generators produce less noise than gasoline generators. If you don’t want to create a nuisance for the neighbors, opt for noiseless generators. The noiseless portable generators have 72 dBA to 80 dBA noise levels.

Weight and Size

Weight and size are important considerations when you frequently move the generator. Moving a 200-pound generator all alone can be risky as you might get hurt.  If the generator has proper portability options such as handles and wheels, you won’t have problems.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned buying guide and the review for 10000-watt portable generators will help you choose the ideal portable generator. It would be best to choose an option with advanced technology, high fuel capacity, and a powerful engine.

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