Predator Generator – Harbor Freight (Hands-on Review)

Harbor Freight Generators are one of the most well-reputed and popular 3500-watt generators currently present in the market.

Electricity is a basic necessity that we all require in our daily lives but we never seem to truly understand the true significance of electricity until we need to travel to a remote area or in case of any electric breakdown. Generators are amazing machines that can provide you with backup energy or also serve as the prime source of energy when you travel especially in remote areas for camping and other stuff.

With technological advancement, many of the generators have gotten smaller in size, lightweight, efficient, and are packed with features such as; inverter technology and many others. Generators come with different specifications and are merely segmented by the wattage that they produce.

Today we are going to conduct a hands-on review of the Harbor Freight Inverter Generator, specifically the 3500-watt inverter generator from Harbor Freight i.e. the Predator 3500 inverter.

Generators at Harbor Freight:

Starting with the review let’s first evaluate the history of the brand and how it has emerged as one of the most well-reputed and popular generator brands. Harbor Freight Tools is a California-based company that has been in business since 1977.

The generators at Harbor Freight are made with pure precision and attention to detail which gives them a competitive edge as compared to other Chinese alternatives. Moreover, they have a wide collection of generators varying the total wattage. One of the most popular segments from the generator collection is undoubtedly the 3500-watt generator. 

Predator 3500 inverter generator

We got the opportunity to get our hands on the Predator generator 3500 from Harbor Freight. The main reason why we got this specific model was that it provided a hefty wattage of 3500 watts in a compact setup and most importantly is reasonably priced as compared to other generators from the premium brand.

First Impressions / Personal Experience:

The first impression that we got of the Harbor Freight Inverter Generator was its build quality. The red and black accents make it looks stylish allowing it to stand out in the design department. The quality is exceptional with no squeaks or loose plastic parts. The texture and feel of the body parts are also extremely premium and with the compact size, it is extremely easy to maneuver and can easily fit in the trunk of your truck, van, or SUV without any issue, making it an incredible choice to opt for camping and relevant journey.

Let’s see what others also say about the Predator 3500 Inverter Generator:

“Lightweight for its wattage and very quiet, just what I expected. Bought for emergency power. It runs my refrigerator, window air conditioner, one ceiling light and the microwave. Tools and oil funnel are inside the box too.”

“It is surprisingly quieter then I thought. Last about 13hrs on a full tank ran a 10k but AC with no problem.”

“We recommend the Predator 3500 generator with confidence. This inverter is a great choice for RVers and campers, having all of the features you would need at a campsite and on the road.”

“The Predator 3500 is super quiet and offers a complete range of power outlets.”

“For its price category, the Predator 3500 is good value. It scores well on all the basic features that you want from an inverter generator such as quiet running, low THD and portability.”


The Predator 3500 inverter’s biggest selling point is not just its premium quality, compact and lightweight design, and reasonable price but it is the features that this 3500-watt generator packs up. Starting with the features the most interesting part of the generator can be evaluated with its name the Predator 3500 inverter.

Yes! this means that the Harbor Freight Generator uses inverter technology. This is great for any generator as inverter technology allows the generator to work more efficiently. The inverter technology doesn’t produce alternative current AC continuously but converts it into direct current DC to maintain the level of electric generation until converting it back to AC with the power outlet. This saves a lot of energy that is produced by the generator allowing it to work more efficiently, take less load, and consume less fuel.

The next big feature is its starter. A conventional generator requires a pull to start which can be stressful on a cold day when the generator requires an increased powered kick start. But you don’t have to worry about any of this with the Predator 3500 inverter as it features a starting motor that is powered by a battery so that you can start it easily with just a push of a button. Moreover, it is worth noting that the battery doesn’t require to be attached separately as the housing of the generator fits in the battery making it compact and easy to handle with the battery installed.

Last but surely not least is the sound that it produces. Conventional generators are extremely loud and even with their silencers they still make a heavy sound that can be irritating for some but not in the case with the Predator 3500 inverter generator. With its inverter technology, it takes less load that reduces the sound of the generator. Above all of the noise reduction from the less load, the silencer is extremely well integrated with the exhaust of the engine allowing it to have incredible noise reduction.

We have tried several conventional and inverter generators before but it is safe to say that the noise that the Predator 3500 inverter generator is the lowest as compared to any of the other generators from other brands. The Predator line of generators has always proven to be the best of all other generators. However, this time with the new generator, the Predator family is safer and more powerful than ever before. So this is the best choice for your purchase, as it will be no hassle for you. Harbor freight is your destination for portable generators. Predator generators are always available when you need them for safe, portable, and reliable power. From keeping your family safe and sound in an emergency to outdoor recreation and camping or powering your favorite tools, you have the Predator generators, bigger and even more powerful with their new models. So get it now at harbor freight tools!

Best use of harbor freight predator 3500:

The best use of the Predator inverter is as a backup power source in electric shutdowns, it can provide you with a good backup that can power the lights and fans of your house. The best-used case for it is on a trip for camping or any other as it can power your electric appliances with ease. With a weight of 99.2 pounds, it is extremely lightweight that can be easily exported from one place to another.

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