Best 8500-Watt Generators Review

Power outages have become quite common in many areas. Things like malfunctions, infrastructural problems, and natural disasters often result in power outages. You never know how long the power outage might last. You may have to stay in dark for days and even weeks. If you want to steer clear of such problems, it would be best to purchase the best 8500-watt generators.

Choosing a generator isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to consider other various influencing factors to buy a reliable generator. In this article, you will find the best 8500-watt generators to make an informed decision.

Reasons to Buy 8500 Watt Generators

With the help of an 8500-watt generator, you can run almost every household appliance. You can also use it as a whole house generator through load management. For instance, you can run heat pumps, microwave ovens, and refrigerators using this generator.

An 8500-watt generator can power up to 6 medium-sized machines with a big motor. However, finding the best generators in 2022 can be a challenge as there are numerous options available. If you want to make the right decision, it would be best to identify the qualities of the top 8500-watt generators.

Product Image Product Name Product Details   Price
backpac Champion 8.5-KWHome Standby Generator Brand: Champion Power Equipment
Wattage: 8500 watts
Dimensions LxWxH: 52.4 x 33.5 x 32.1 inches
Weight: 460 Pounds
Voltage: 120 Volts
Engine Type: 4 Stroke
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backpac DuroMax XP8500E Brand: DuroMax
Wattage: 7000 watts
Dimensions LxWxH: 20 x 28 x 21.3 inches
Weight: 129 Pounds
Color: Blue/Black
Voltage: 120 Volts
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cordlessblower Westinghouse WPro8500 Brand: Westinghouse Outdoor Power
Wattage: 9500 watts
Dimensions LxWxH: 27.2 x 26.1 x 26.5 inches
Weight: 211 Pounds
Color: Blue
Voltage: 240 Volts
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cordlessblower Briggs & Stratton 30679 Brand: Briggs & Stratton
Wattage: 8000 watts
Dimensions LxWxH: 34.8 x 22.3 x 26 inches
Color: Black/Charcoal
Voltage: 120 Volts
Engine Displacement: 420 CC
Tank Volume: 7 Gallons
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Best 8500 Watt Generators for Home

Here is a list of the best 8500-watt generators:

1. Champion 8.5-KWHome Standby Generator

You can use both propane and natural gas to power the Champion 8.5-KW generator. It contains a 24V automatic start system that automatically turns on the generator when the power goes out. Also, the machine performs self-diagnostic tests to check the components’ condition. This is perfect if you are new to generators and are looking for an option that is easy to use.

You can use the Champion 8.5 KW generator for delicate electronics because it has a low THD rating. The machine generates 7500 watts of natural gas and 8500 watts of propane.

Another benefit of purchasing this generator is the sub-panel style 50A transfer switch. The switch contains the right circuits to start the generator. The low-tone muffler and advanced sound dampening system ensure there is minimal sound. Other than that, Champion offers a 10-year warranty with their machine and lifetime technical support.

Customer Review:

This generator is one of the best purchases I’ve made! So happy with this! Runs great!

Paul J.

I liked this product. It works and performs exactly as expected.

Michael Sweeney

2. DuroMax XP8500E

DuroMax is a gasoline-powered 8500-watt generator with 16HP fuel-efficient engine. The machine starts with the electric and recoil mechanism and generates 8500 surge watts and 7000 continuous watts. One of the benefits of this generator is that it is portable. It is a lightweight machine and you can easily transport it to a different location with the help of wheels.

DuroMax XP8500E has a 7-gallon tank capacity and offers 8 hours of runtime. You can save a significant amount of fuel with the idle control feature. Since the machine runs at a 72 dB (A) control panel, you won’t hear the sound. The power outlet control panel contains:

  • One 12V DC outlet
  • One 120/240V AC 30A outlet
  • Four 120V 20A outlets

DuroMax offers three years limited warranty with this portable generator. Furthermore, CARD and EPA approved this generator for commercial use, indicating that purchasing the XP8500E by DuroMaxis a profitable investment.

Customer Review:

Great item! I have used it several times because of power outages.

Donald Gisewhite Jr.

3. Westinghouse WPro8500

Westinghouse WPro8500 is a portable gas-powered generator with a 6.6-gallon gasoline tank. Since it has a huge tank, you can run this generator for more than 17 hours. Moreover, the idle control feature is remarkable as it automatically turns the system on and off. There is a three-way ignition switch with a pull cord, electric, and automatic mechanism. This high-power generator produces 11500 watts of peak power and 8500 watts of rated power (continuous power).

The Total Harmonic Distortion of this generator is less than 5%. This means that it is safe to charge sensitive devices with this generator. You can charge your laptop, Smartphone, and tablet without worrying about fluctuation. On top of that, the Westinghouse WPro8500 has eight outlets. This includes four 120V AC, two 5V USB ports, one 120V AC, and one 120/240V AC outlet.

The manufacturer also offers four GFCI-protected outlets. GFCI is a circuit that maintains the balance in current flow. When the generator notices an imbalance in the current, it breaks down the circuit.

Westinghouse WPro8500 complies with CARB and EPA and offers a three-year limited warranty. This means that you can consult the customer support team for a problem with the generator. Besides warranty, the manufacturer offers easy portability with two tires and a lifting hook.

Customer Review:

This has been an absolute rock-solid generator for my pipe fence project.

William R. Hardin Jr.

It powers the entire house! Love this generator.


4. Briggs & Stratton 30679

Briggs & Stratton offers gas-powered generators that are fuel-efficient, high-performing, and durable. This means that the product has a longer life and superior performance. The surge watt of this product is 10000, while the running watt is 8000. The high-watt engine allows this generator to power multiple devices and appliances.

You can power three big and two small appliances at a time with a multi-featured control panel. The high-quality control panel contains 4 CFGI 120V outlets and one 30A 120/240V locking outlet. The 7.5-gallon fuel tank can power your home for more than 9 hours. This means that you can have a good night’s sleep without running out of fuel.

The generator contains Power Surge Alternator that produces surge power for huge appliances such as heaters and refrigerators. The push-button and the recoil backup are especially ideal for home use.

If you purchase this 8500-watt generator, you can interchange between 120V and 240V. Briggs and Stratton offer an app to access local service stations, servicing requirements, and other information. Besides all these features, you can avail a three-year home and one-year commercial warranty.

Customer Review:

A great portable generator, especially for the price.



Now that you have read the post, you might have an idea about what features the best 8500-watt generators are offering. Whether you want to go with the above-mentioned list of generators or pick the best generators for 2022 yourself, you can seek help from this post.

Since generators are expensive, you should never purchase them without product evaluation. Make sure you read the reviews, check the features, and contact customer support to choose the best generator.

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