Top Small Generator for Home Review

Many homeowners purchase generators for emergency power outages, backup and plenty of other reasons. People living in areas with frequent power outages due to heavy winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes often have a small generator for home.

In most cases, portable generators are expensive and you must make an informed decision to purchase a reliable option. But, with so many options in the market, choosing the option worth the investment can be difficult. If you want to make the right purchase, read this post to learn to choose top small generator for home.

Top 5 Small Generators for Home

If you don’t want to spend too much time looking for the top small generators, choose from these options:

1.     Westinghouse WGEN7500

Westinghouse manufactures high-quality generators for residential and commercial facilities. Their model, WGEN7500 has peak watts of 9500, which offers high performance. It has a 6.6-gallon fuel tank that gives up to 16 hours of runtime. Furthermore, the best portable generator for home includes various user-friendly and convenient features. For instance, you can quickly start the engine with the help of the remote start button.

Also, Westinghouse offers a three-year warranty for this incredible small generator for home. So, in case of any problem, you can claim a warranty within a certain period. However, if you want a lightweight generator, WGEN7500 wouldn’t be the right option because it weighs about 200 pounds.

User’s Testimonial:

Great features with better than expected noise level.

J. Kenz

2.     DuroStar DS4000S

DuroStar DS4000S is a reliable generator but comes with lower peak watts. The peak watts are 4000, while the fuel tank is 4 gallons. A four-gallon fuel tank offers up to 8 hours of runtime. While this runtime is enough for residential properties, it depends on the type of appliances you will use on the generators.

This small generator for home is a budget-friendly option. If you want a cheap generator with high-quality features, opt for DS4000S by DuroStar. Although this is a lightweight generator with only 94 pounds of weight, the lack of wheels actually makes it difficult to move it.

User’s Testimonial:

Very easy to attach & use.


3.     Generac 7680 GP6500

Generac 7680 GP6500 is a high-performing small generator for a home with 8125 peak watts. This is a heavy-weight generator with 177 pounds weight. But the wheels and easy-to-hold handles make it quite easy to move the machine. The model 7680 FP6500 offers a large fuel capacity with more than 10.5 hours of run time. Since the tank can store 6.9 gallons, you don’t have to add more fuel repeatedly. Purchasing this product online wouldn’t be a good decision. Many customers complain that the packaging of this small generator for home is not the best and they received damaged goods.

User’s Testimonial:

It contains an easy push-button start, an easy-to-move frame, and a relatively silent engine.

Brenda Larrabee

4.     Champion Power Equipment RV 200954

Champion Power Equipment offers convenience to homeowners with a remote start feature. Also with the Cold Start Technology, you can be assured the generator will be able to start smoothly even in cold weather. The product is comparatively low-cost in terms of quality and the excellent features it offers. The starting watts of this generator are 4375 watts, while the running watts are 3500 watts. Also, the 6.1 gallons of the fuel tank is sufficient for up to 12 hours of runtime.

User’s Testimonial:

Fantastic quality and runs pretty well.


5.     Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is a small generator for home. It is suitable for small devices such as charging laptops and mobile phones. This lightweight portable generator with 44 pounds weight has a small fuel tank of 1.1 gallons size. Because of minimal watts, the runtime of the tank is 10.5 hours.

User’s Testimonial:

I only have done the initial set up and so far, the quality of the generator seems excellent.


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Buying Guide for Small Generators for Home

Here are a few things that you should consider while purchasing a small generator for home:

·        Fuel

When purchasing a small generator, you can choose between battery-powered and gas-powered options. Gas-powered generators are quite powerful and can run a wide range of appliances in the house. If you want to purchase a heavy-duty generator, this option would be ideal. But keep in mind that gas-powered generators are expensive and make more noise.

Battery-powered generators are suitable for small devices such as lights, fans, and vacuum cleaners. Since they are low-powered generators, they make minimal noise. Battery-powered generators are affordable, but their performance is inferior to gas-powered ones.

·        Wattage

You must check the wattage of the generators to identify their power. The running watts in a small generator for the home can range between 200 and 7500 watts. Generators with high watts can power huge appliances and devices. Meanwhile, generators with low watts can power small devices such as laptops and phones. So the choice of wattage depends on your use.

·        Noise

Even small generators can be noisy. The noise level depends on many factors such as power source and running wattage. If you want to check whether the generator is noisy or not, learn about a model’s noise levels. Manufacturers measure the noise level and mention it in the packaging to help customers choose the right option. If you want to purchase a noiseless generator, check the running decibels (dBA). The average dBA for small generators ranges between 70 dBA and 80 dBA. The sound of these generators is similar to the vacuum cleaners. Anything above 70 dBA and 80 dBA is considered noisy.

·        Price and Value

Always consider the budget while choosing the right generator for your home. Once you make a list of generators under your budget, compare the options to make an informed decision. You should ask about the features you need and the one you can forgo. While choosing the best generator for the money, make sure to get a high-quality engine in an affordable price range.


Choosing a small generator for home requires extensive research and evaluation. You should check the fuel tank capacity, starter, and power outlets when choosing a top small generator for home. Consider the options discussed in this post if you don’t want to spend too much time looking for an ideal generator.

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