Generac Standby Generator – Hands-on Review

Generac Standby Generator – Hands-on Review

Generac Holdings is an American brand that manufactures backup power generators and other equipment for residential and also commercial products. The brand is famous for its Generac whole house generator also commonly known as a generic propane generator as they can produce electricity while running on propane gas and this makes the Generac portable propane generator the ideal solution for backup power generators.

The generator market has increased drastically during the last decade with brands infusing advanced technologies into their equipment and coming up with exceptional quality products. In this niche market, Generac is one of the brands that stand out with their incredible Generac portable generator which is not only portable but is extremely powerful and efficient. Moreover, the Generac gas generator as the name suggests runs on gas which cuts down the fuel charges and allows the consumer to have a delay-free power generation.

Today we will evaluate the Generac Standby Generator. We will analyze the build quality, features, and value the Generic Portable Generator provides to the consumer.

So let’s not waste any time and start with our Hands-on review of the Generac portable propane generator.

Generac Whole House Generator

Within the ease of consumers in the generator market, Generac has evaluated the needs and wants of the end consumer to provide them with a range of Generac standby generators that gives an output from 7 kW to an astonishing wattage of almost 24 kW.

Today we will be talking about the Generac 7042 Standby Generator which is one of the most well-known and reputed models from the Generac portable propane generator collection.

First Impressions / Personal Experience

The first impression that we got from the Generac gas generator was nothing short of amazing as with the power that it packs up we were expecting it to be a large, tall, and heavy generator that we often see in commercial buildings. But to our and hopefully your surprise as well, the Generac Standby Generator is extremely compact and easily maneuverable.

You don’t require a crane to get it installed or move from one point to another as it can easily be loaded in the back of your truck for easy maneuverability as it just weighs around 515 pounds which is considered to be lightweight for a 22kw power generator. Moving on to the first impression the design language of the Generac portable propane generator is amazing with good quality plastic on the other frame and PVD coated metal parts that are exposed to the environment to eliminate any rusting possibilities. In addition to that, the parts don’t squeak or feel loose which showcases the amazing build quality of the product.

It doesn’t surprise us that many other users of this generator were impressed by Generac:

“I bought the 20KW Generac stand-by generator, the best thing I ever did. Out of the five years I have had it there has been three power outages in my community, the longest one being 4 days and everyone in the neighborhood was coming over to recharge phones, emergency calls to loved ones saying they were ok, asking if they could store medical supplies in garage fridge. The generator worked non-stop for the four days, heating the house, 3 fridge and also got to watch DVD movies as cable was out too. I highly recommend it!”

“Had this generator for over 8 years and is has never failed to fill in for a power outage. With an automatic transfer switch, the generator starts at loss of power and automatically switches to its power mode without having to do anything to its system. When commercial power is restored, it automatically switches back to it and then shuts down.”

“I can always count on my generator. If for any reason the power goes off, within 30 seconds the generator kicks on and I do not have to worry, I have heat or air conditioning, water. Everything we need is still available. I have in winter months had neighbors bring frozen or refrigerator items and have let the folks bathe or shower as needed. The cost of my Generac generator has put us at ease has paid for itself over and over.”

Power Output of Generac Portable Generator

One might argue that as the name suggests that it is a portable generator it won’t pack power to light up and take a load of a proper house but that’s not the case as the Generac whole house generator lives up to its name and can easily handle a load of any house with an incredible power output of 22 kW.


Generac has been in business for a long time and with its expertise and experience has induced several cutting-edge technologies into its whole house generator. It ticks all the boxes of the mainstream features such as; push start, standby power generation, ampere, wattage meter display, and many more but the most exceptional feature and the USP (unique selling point) of the Generac portable propane generator is its ability to run on gas.

The ability to generate electricity with propane gas allows the Generac gas generator to be efficient by cutting the cost of fuel and providing a seamless energy generation process for the end consumer. This means that you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel in case of a long power outrage as the generator can run with gas to provide you with ease of mind.

Easy Maintenance and Less Sound

One of the concerns that everyone faces is the sound that the generator produces. This loud sound can be irritating for some people which makes them hate the idea of owning a generator. However, not the case with the Generac whole house generator as the Generac Standby generator has an astonishing silencer that eliminates loud sounds and allows the generator to run with full efficiency even with just a soothing hum.

Other than that the only maintenance that it requires is the oil change which is incredibly easy with easy to removed oil cap from which you can add up new oil. All of these combined make the Generac gas generator an incredible whole house generator choice.

One of the most asked questions about the Generac standby generator is: How long can a Generac generator run and How long does the Generac generator last?

We had a chat with a consumer that owned the generator for almost 1 year and he admitted that the Generac standby generator can continuously run for 24 hours without any issue. The point to note is that it can run as long as you want but you must keep track of the heat that it produces as continuous running can burn oil and end up damaging the generator.

Best use of Generac standby Generator:

As the generator has a power rating of 22 kW and weighs just around 515 pounds. The Generac Standby Generator is a fine choice not only as a backup power generator for your home but also for camping as it can fit in the trunk of your van or truck with its dimensions of 48 x 25 x 29 inches.


So this is one of the best choices you would ever opt for. This has got a perfect size and a perfect price too. So apparently, it appears to be a great choice and purchase. The gas is more eco-friendly than lithium batteries with their attendant manufacturing carbon footprint. All the relevant details regarding the Generac Standby Generator have been mentioned in the above article. Hope you can clear all your concepts and queries before your purchase.

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