What Is the Real Cost of the Generator?

Why does a real cost of a generator matter so much? Despite the cost, no doubt generators are truly a blessing for all when faced with regular or unexpected power outages, whether we talk about their commercial use or household use. There has been much advancement in generators, their fuel efficiency, output, and their costs to the consumers in recent times.

How much Does a Whole House Generator Cost?

Multiple factors will determine the cost of a whole house generator, starting from your preferences of the generator, the company, the output rating, and the load you are planning to run through it. The more budget you have, the better quality or features are within your reach. The average price range of a whole house generator will vary somewhere from a thousand dollars to even six thousand dollars. In some cases, the cost of a generator can even exceed ten thousand dollars! Depending on the features and load capacity of the unit you are looking at.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Generator?

Installing a generator in the house may be a nightmare for many due to its cost, but don’t worry, $4755 is the average cost of installing a whole house generator, and this includes all variables as well. You can expect your installation cost to be as low as $1439 or even as high as $8090. This amount is an average of what people pay to install their generators. If your installation is not that technical or time-consuming, let’s say it’s a small project, then you may end up paying as little as $400 even! But if the same project is a big one, your installation cost may reach$9500 or above.

The size of the project depends on several factors, including the size of the generator. Just as the size affects the cost of the generator, it also impacts how much it costs to install it. For instance, if you have a 1kW generator, it would cost around $1,300 to $1,800. The cost keeps going up as you increase the wattage.

Other than that, the brand of the generator also has a small role to play in the installation costs. Some of the popular generator brands include Honda, Generac, Hyundai, Suzuki, and their installation might vary depending on the features they have and any installation requirements.

Moreover, the start type of the generator also affects the installation costs. For instance, if you have a pull cord that starts your generator, the installation is minimal and wouldn’t cost too much. However, if you also need an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) that instantly switches to backup power in case of an outage, you would have to pay extra for it.

Generac Generators

You don’t have to worry about running to turn on your generator if you have a Generac generator installed at your home! Neither will you have to worry about visiting the gas station again and again to get enough fuel for your generator. A Generac generator automatically turns on when it detects a power failure and runs on natural gas, keeping all or some selected home appliances working interrupted. A unique selling point of these generators is that you don’t have to connect them via an extension cable as it is directly connected to the house electric panel.

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Cost of Generac Generators

To be precise, the power of a generator is determined by its kilowatt or kW. Whether buying a small generator, midsized, or a large one depends on what appliances you intend to run when there’s a power outage. A small generator can deliver current ranging from 7kW to 10 kW enough to run a few basic appliances at home. At the same time, a midsized can provide you with 12kW to 20kW of current, enabling you to run your heating or cooling systems at home.

A midsized generator can easily power up a house based on 2,500 sq. ft. If you have a house over 2500 sq.ft., then a large generator will be best for you as it can simultaneously run all electrical appliances without any hassle. The cost of Generac generators may vary from $1949 to $15000 or even more depending on the type you prefer to buy. Installation costs will also vary depending on how much effort and things have to be set up to make your generator ready.

How Much Does a Home Generator Cost?

Most people are worried about the cost of a home generator. So if you talk about Honda EU3Ois Portable Generator, it is a 3KVa generator, and its rated output is 2.8kVa or 2800 watts. This generator is operated with petrol, and it features a 110 CC petrol engine with a fuel tank capacity of 12.5 liters. It is a heavily weighted generator of about 62 kg. Moreover, it is a highly popular home generator that can handle most of your home appliances such as AC, Water heater, Geyser, and inverter-operated appliances.

You will not see any surges as this generator is also an inverter generator. Therefore, you do not need to worry about how much your home generator costs. With this home generator, you get the facility of stable electric power without any fluctuation or any other issues in your electric devices. Moreover, this is a highly silent generator, unlike the other home generators, which make too much noise. So this is another reason why people prefer buying this one.

There is a clear vision of the meter to see different data types and a clear insight into the generator’s functioning. Additionally, there is a 16A power socket, providing a direct output. Many people see this generator as a very good option because it enables auto-start/stop functionality. The Honda EU3Ois also supports an Eco-Throttlefunction that allows for operation with decreased fuel consumption. This feature makes this generator a much more cost-effective option for people.

However, there are other important functions and options too. These include indicators for output, an overload alarm, and an oil alert indicator. Once you start the generator, either with the key or the plug-in option, it will not create unnecessary sound. So one of the high selling points of this generator is that it is a very quiet generator and operates smoothly without any hassle.

There are many choices and options available at better prices than ever these days, but you need to understand and look carefully at the choices.

However, many factors matter when you are choosing a home generator. These include the size and type of generator that make the most sense for you. Also, you need to identify the quality level of the generator, and whether it meets your expectation level or not. So you must look at all these factors before purchasing a generator for your home. Apart from these factors, you also need to know whether the real cost of the generator is affordable for you.

Cost of Maintaining and Owning a Generator

Apart from buying and installing a generator, you also have to consider the costs of maintaining and owning the generator over a long period. Generators consist of an engine and a motor that works together to provide current and power up your home. Even if your power doesn’t go out regularly and you have to use the generator sparingly, you will have to get your generator serviced and maintained from time to time.

Based on the wattage and type of your generator, you can expect to pay anywhere between $350 and $800 for one session of servicing and maintenance. You will also have to remember that the more you use the generator, the more frequently it will need maintenance. Therefore, you can determine the maintenance costs based on how much you run the generator.

Even if you use your generator less frequently, it is wise to get it serviced and checked at least once a year. That way, you will be able to keep it in good shape before it develops any problems.

This concludes our guide on what the real cost of a generator is. It will help you determine the overall costs of buying a new generator, installing it, and keeping it well-maintained and serviced regularly.

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