Top 10 Generator Accessories Everyone Must Have

Do you want to improve how you use a generator? If yes, you need to invest in the following generator accessories. Though you can use your generator without other accessories, you might not get the efficiency that you’re looking for. Also, you might struggle with other things like not knowing when the light goes off or comes back.

To enjoy a seamless experience, you need to purchase a few accessories. Here are some of the most important accessories that you should get for your generator:

1. Fuel Can

Do you have a whole home generator that operates on gasoline? In that case, you’ll regularly need to fill it up. A fuel can allow you to store fuel in a safe way. You don’t want to go to the nearest gas station to fetch gasoline during a sudden power outage.

So, keep one or two filled fuel cans in your house, especially if you plan on using the generator more often. Look for high-quality cans that don’t wear out, have a high-quality seal, and don’t let air in. It should also be difficult to open since you want to keep it away from children and pets.

2. Extension or Power Cords

Using every type of extension cord or wire to connect with your generator is not a great idea. Poor quality cords can affect your generator’s efficiency and damage the appliances or devices attached to the other end of the wires. Some low-quality cords can increase the risk of electrical hazards.

Invest in heavy-duty cords and wires that can work especially well for your generator. Also, look for the right amp or watt of cords. You can also look for extension cords that are designed to use with generators- they are less prone to damage.

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3. Generator Cover

No matter what type of generator you have, it is very important to protect it from external damage, humidity, or moisture. You must protect it from external factors even when you are not using your generator. The simplest and easiest way to protect your generator is with a generator cover.

These covers prevent water, debris, or dirt from going into the generator. You can find a great variety of covers containing different features. Choose one that fully covers your generator and look for the right size.

4. Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizers are the best generator accessories and are totally worth the price. These are liquids used to keep the fuel fresh while preventing varnish and gum build-up. Fuel stabilizers are useful for electric genset owners, as they don’t have to drain out the fuel before storing the generator.

If you only use generators once in a while, you need to buy a fuel stabilizer. Not only do they save your fuel cost, but they also reduce the need to repair the generator.

5. Automatic Transfer Switch

This accessory is crucial to help the generator turn on automatically when the power goes out. An automatic transfer switch turns off the electricity supply from the main grid and then turns on the generator switch. Once the generator stabilizes, the electricity will flow into all of the devices, systems, and cables attached to it.

This accessory can prevent downtime and you don’t have to stop what you are doing to turn on the generator. An automatic transfer switch also reduces the risk of hurting yourself as a result of a power outage.

6. Maintenance Kit

Maintenance kits are underrated because most people don’t put much thought into maintaining their generators. However, like all machines, a generator requires proper maintenance for longevity and efficiency.

You should buy a maintenance kit if you plan on keeping your generator for a longer time. It includes all the important things like an air filter, spark plugs, and oil. Maintain your generator regularly, and follow the instructions when operating your accessories.

7. Wheel Kit

If you’re struggling to transport your portable generator, you can get a wheel kit for it. The wheel kit allows you to move your generator more easily. These kits are easy to use and feature durable wheels that can easily lift your generator.

Just make sure you get the right kit for your generator. Not all types of wheels will work on your portable inverter. Ask the sales representative whether the kit you’re using is ideal for your generator before purchasing it.

8. Muffler

Is your generator making loud noises? Well, in that case, you need to invest in a muffler. Generators can get noisy like any other machine with a combustion engine. Luckily you can also buy mufflers that reduce noise and exhaust fumes. Not all mufflers are the same. Some are of higher quality and some don’t lower the noise much.

Advanced and high-quality mufflers are available in the market that you can purchase to get rid of any type of noise. These mufflers are compatible with a multitude of generators. So, buy a muffler for your noisy generator.

9. Power out the Alarm

Sometimes you don’t notice that the power has gone out, and you’ve been using devices that need a lot more energy for power. This can increase the load on your generator or force it to turn off.

During a power outage, it makes sense that you would want to prioritize the appliances and devices that continue to have power. Some devices are just not of the utmost priority. Power out alarm accessories will notify you when the light goes off so that you can plan your tasks accordingly.

10. Power Return Alert

These generator accessories are as important as the power-off alarm. This is because you don’t want to check the power every few minutes to know whether it is back or not. Power return alert devices will help you get back to your work immediately when the power is back. Hence, it saves you time and makes working at home much easier.

Bottom Line

Generator accessories can help you maintain your generator and improve its life expectancy. These accessories also save your time and effort by automatically turning the generator on and off when necessary. Generator accessories like power return alerts are also useful, as they can notify you when the light returns. Each of these accessories is available with different features in the market.

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