Best Generator Brands – Everything You Need to Know!

There are many different types of generators on the market today. This article will go over the best ones, and what they have to offer. The following information will help you make an informed choice about the right one for your needs. Purchasing a generator is an important investment, but it doesn’t have to be a costly one. There are a few factors to consider. If you want a more reliable power source, you should consider buying a portable generator.

1. Honda

Honda is by far one of the best generator brands in the world today. The brand is synonymous with quality and reliability. It also has a leading market in motor vehicles and automobiles, other than the conventional generators. Honda has had a huge global market for many decades now.

This is a Japanese company but is recognized worldwide because of its high quality and reliability. The generators designed and supplied by Honda are well known for their low noise levels, high durability as well as efficient power output. With all these features coming in one product, all of their generators are great to invest in.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Honda EU1000i 1000 W 50 dB 28 hours
Honda EU2200i 2200 W 57 dB 32 hours
Honda EU3000i Handi 3000 W 58 dB 30 hours
Honda EU7000iS 7000 W 58 dB 26 hours
Honda EU4000S 4000 W 63 dB 32 hours
Honda EM5000S 5000 W 66 dB 22 hours
Honda EG2800i 2800 W 67 dB 48 hours

2. Yamaha

Yamaha is also a great example of a company that delivers great generators but also has a leading industry in motorbikes and vehicles. As far as its generators are concerned, it gained huge popularity for its inverter technology. Most of its generators have a rather quiet operation, with noise levels falling between 51dB to 61dB at most! If you’re still not sure how reliable the company is, the 3 years warranty that they offer will definitely make you think otherwise.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Yamaha EF7200D 7200 W 80 dB 32 hours
Yamaha EF5500D 5500 W 74.1 dB 36 hours
Yamaha EF2200iS Combo 2200 W 57-65 dB 42 hours
Yamaha EF2400iSHC 2400 W 53 dB 34 hours
Yamaha EF3000iSEB 30000 W 53-60 dB 76 hours
Yamaha EF4500iSE 4500 W 58-60 dB 60 hours

3. DuroStar

DuroStar is a generator brand that is supplied by a California-based company called DuroPower. In case you haven’t heard of DuroStar, you must have still heard of DuroMax generators, which come from the same company.

This brand is well known for designing their engines in the generators they supply, unlike most other big companies. All their generators are highly reliable yet come at an affordable price. They also offer a one or two-year warranty on all of their generators, which can be extended beyond the limit to help you out when you need the company the most! The generators are all built of cast-iron sleeves and are one of the best durable generator brands.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
DuroStar DS12000EH 12000 W 74 dB 17 hours
DuroStar DS10000EH 10000 W 72 dB 20 hours
DuroStar DS4850EH 4850 W 69 dB 20 hours
DuroStar DS5500EH 5500 W 69 dB 17 hours
DuroStarDS4850EH 4850 W 69 dB 20 hours
DuroStar DS7000Q 7000 W 78 dB 24 hours
DuroStar DS4000WGE 4000 W 69 dB 16 hours

4. Duromax

Like we already mentioned, DuroMax is yet another generator brand that is manufactured by DuroPower. It has its headquarters in California. The company was founded relatively late but has still been able to earn a good spot in the generator market.

Each of its generator models is highly durable and is made of cast iron sleeves. They are all heavy-duty generators that can carry all sorts of heavy loads.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
DuroMax XP5500EH 5000 W 69 dB 16 hours
DuroMax XP10000EHC 10000 W 74 dB 16 hours
DuroMax XP2200EH 2200 W 61 dB 38 hours
DuroMax XP13000EH 13000 W 74 dB 16 hours
DuroMax XP1200iS 1200 W 61 dB 20 hours
DuroMax XP5000EHC 5000 W 69 dB 17 hours

5. Generac

This is an American company that delivers high-quality, durable generators and has gained popularity over several decades. Generac designs generators in many different designs – whether you need commercial standby generators, home standby generators, portable generators, or other sorts of generators, you can find a suitable one at Generac.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Generac iQ2000 2000 W 53 dB 30 hours
Generac iQ3500 35000 W 55 dB 17 hours
Generac GP2200i 2200 W 58 dB 20 hours
Generac GP3600 3600 W 58 dB 20 hours
Generac GP6500 49ST 6500 W 60 dB 20 hours

6. Champion Power Equipment

This is also an American brand, which is California-based. However, it is only designed in the US, all of its manufacturing process and assembly takes place in China. This is a relatively new company in the market but has been able to compete with famous brands because not only is it reliable, but it comes at very budget-friendly prices.

Although the company is currently being recognized globally, its main market is still in North America. The most famous generators that they design are their dual-fuel generators, which have a highly efficient runtime.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Champion 100403 1200 W 65 dB 22 hours
Champion 42436 1200 W 65 dB 20 hours
Champion 100565 2000 W 53 dB 22 hours
Champion 42432 1400 W 65 dB 20 hours
Champion 100478 2000 W 53 dB 22 hours
Champion 73536i 2000 W 53 dB 18 hours

7. Firman Power Equipment

Firman is a generator brand that is produced by an even bigger generator company called the Sinomach, which has supplied generators globally for many years.

Firman has been able to compete in the generator market because of its innovative designs. It has gas tanks that are about 25% larger than most conventional tanks of generators. Hence they also have a longer runtime. They even have a whole series of generator models, called the Whisper Series, that are dedicated to lowering the generator noise level for user convenience.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Firman H03651 4550 W 67 dB 22 hours
Firman H05751 7152 W 74 dB 24 hours
Firman H07552 9400 W 68 dB 24 hours
Firman H08053 10000 W 74 dB 24 hours
Firman L03391 4100 W 67 dB 22 hours

8. Energizer

This American brand offers innovative, groundbreaking designs for generators. All of its models also feature inverter technology. All of their generators are heavy duty and have great power output for most heavy load appliances.

Despite that, they feature the dual wave technology that helps them control both voltages as well as the current for pure sine wave output. Their generator engines are manufactured and assembled in China, but their designs are made and approved in Canada.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Energizer eZG3500 3500 W 76 dB 78 hours
Energizer eZV2000P 2000 W 50 dB 23 hours
Energizer eZV3200P 3200 W 52 dB 31 hours
Energizer eZV7500 7500 W 76 dB 31 hours
Energizer eZV4500 4500 W 70 dB 23 hours

9. Pulsar

Pulsar is a Canadian generator brand that competes with big brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Generac and remains on top of the market because of the low prices it offers its generators. Despite being very budget-friendly, all of the generator models designed by Pulsar have great features and come in superior quality. Therefore, they are known to be one of the most affordable and reliable generator brands available in the market today.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Pulsar PG2300iS 2300 W 59 dB 16 hours
Pulsar PG15KVTW 15000 W 77 dB 20 hours
Pulsar PG2200 2200 W 66 dB 24 hours
Pulsar PG5250 5250 W 76 dB 16 hours
Pulsar PG10000B16 10000 W 76 dB 24 hours


ATIMA is one of the most recent brands of generators introduced. The brand designed inverter portable generators under the Shanghai Cosmo Company. This brand has been able to earn a good place in the generator market because of its durability, reliability, and best of all, its low prices. Their quality is good enough to compete with high-end brands like Yamaha and Honda.

They are also parallel capable and hence can be paired with more generators to provide higher power output for heavy load appliances.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
ATIMA SD2000i CAMO 2000 W 54 dB 32 hours
ATIMA AY3000i 3000 W 56 dB 41 hours
ATIMA SD1000i 1000 W 52 dB 36 hours

11. Westinghouse

Westinghouse is one of our favorite generator brands when it comes to consistency in quality deliverance. This is an American Company that has been providing innovative models of generators every time for many decades today.

All of its generators are user-friendly and convenient to operate. They also have several additional features in most of their models, making a great deal to invest in.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Westinghouse WGEN9500DF 9500 W 74 dB 24 hours
Westinghouse IGEN4500 4500 W N/A 30 hours
Westinghouse WGEN3600DF 3600 W 69 dB 27 hours
Westinghouse WGEN9500 9500 W 74 dB 24 hours
Westinghouse WPRO8500 8500 W N/A 24 hours

12. Hyundai

This company was founded in Korea and has its headquarters in Seoul, but it has managed to gain international popularity because of its high-quality deliverance for many decades now. They have a great variety of generators, all of which feature sine wave inverter technology. Most of them also have recoil and electric start and ignition.

These generators run on either diesel or petrol and are usually considered quiet. However, they are a bit on the expensive side, which only sounds fair considering their high reliability.

Model  Watt Noise Run Time
Hyundai P1 P1000i 1000 W 62 dB 11 hours
Hyundai HY2800L 2200 W 65 dB 25 hours
Hyundai HY3400 2700 W 96 dB 7 hours
Hyundai HY3100L 2800 W 94 dB 30 hours
Hyundai P1PE P2500i 2200 W 68 dB 17 hours


After experiencing generators from all these best generator brands, a best generator should be able to perform the tasks you need. There are some things to keep in mind when buying a generator. Check the warranty before you buy it. A well-made generator is important to prevent accidents and to ensure safety. So, it is important to make sure that the warranty is valid and will last a long time.

As long as you go with one of these top generator brands, you will be in safe hands!

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