10 Most Reliable Generators

Generators are one of the most essential machines for any house or business, especially if you live in an area that often has power outages. Reliable generators will let you continue with your tasks without being disturbed. Here are some greatest options you can choose based on your budget and preferences.

1. Honda EU2200i

Are you looking for a portable and quiet generator? If so, the Honda EU2200ie portable inverter is a great choice. This generator offers you 2200 watts, which will perfectly power most appliances and devices in your home. It’s lightweight at just 47 pounds and is generally easy to transport.

The Honda generator only produces sound at 57 dBA, making using it much quieter and more comfortable. Thanks to its higher power output, you can connect plenty of machines to it, such as a coffee maker, refrigerator, and computer.

I bought this generator just 6 months before the Texas winter power outage of February 2022… at 4AM our power was deliberately cut and it 14° F outside. I store the generator without fuel so I sloshed some fresh gas into the tank: it started on the first pull. In eco-mode, the 5 gallon gas can easily lasted the 33 hour power-outage. I used it to run our HVAC furnace unit, refrigerator, a few LED lights, and the wife’s CPAP machine.

It’s quiet and relatively light weight.

Joe B

2. Champion 8750-Watt

This highly functional and durable generator works best for every type of appliance and device. Champion 8750 comes with amazing technology that offers the best user experience. It offers 8750 watts at a surprisingly lightweight. You can take it out while you are camping or for other recreational activities without struggling while transporting it.

At just 72 dBA, it is fairly quiet while being very fuel-efficient, allowing you to use it for several hours. The quick touch panel provides easy and fast access to the control panel. You can easily check the amount of fuel left or whether you can connect more devices to it. Most importantly, this generator offers you a three-year warranty, saving you from the hassle of buying a new one if your current one doesn’t last.

After going through initial maintenance check and, removing the shipping brackets I added oil and some fresh gas I fired it up for a 30min break-in. While it was running I tested the voltage with my multi-meter at idle and at 50% load both on normal and economy modes. At the end of a 25ft extension cord the voltage was solid at 121V. Doesn’t get much better than that. Given the size of the generator I was surprised it was quieter than some smaller ones I’ve heard. Electric start is a great feature too. I am happy with this purchase.

Mr Jim

3. Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Portability is important for easy and simple transport, especially when you’re out on a trip. The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is very light at just 44.1 lbs and is one of the most reliable generators because of its highly secure design. You don’t need to worry about any explosions and dangerous hazards.

Instead of having a traditional belt-driven valve train, this Yamaha generator comes with a gear-driven valve train. With its use of a different valve train, Yamaha portable generators are more efficient and powerful. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about its storage and placement since it’s also much smaller than most of the other options in the market.

Bought this for piece of mind. She did not disappoint! On a recent power outage, this baby ran my full size refrigerator, deep freezer in my garage, WiFi, Tv with fire stick, two floor fans, and two lamps. Eco mode worked like a charm increasing and decreasing RPMs to meet demand all while super quiet! Fuel gauge and power monitor features helped me monitor performance with a quick glance.

T. Morales

4. Briggs & Stratton Q6500

As the name suggests, this generator comes with 6,500 watts, which is enough to run a TV, fan, and most everyday devices. It offers you 14 hours of run time on a full tank and it runs on gas. You need to invest in this generator if you want a reliable, highly efficient, and functional product.

Its gas leakage detectors alert you in the event of a carbon monoxide leak. This way, you can quickly turn off the generator and fix the gas lines to resolve the issue. You may also love its 360cc Integrated Engine output capacity that makes it compatible with most devices in your home.

I have had zero problems with this generator, starts beautifully and powers my RV air conditioner and microwave flawlessly. I do wish it had a little more ground clearance, it is a little cumbersome to move around on uneven forest ground. I bought it in June 2019 and used it through the labor day weekend, on weekends and several times for full week vacations, and it has performed perfectly. I went through the break-in procedure at home before my first trip and changed the oil as recommended and in the roughly 130 hours of operation since have not had to add additional oil. Overall very pleased with this generator.

Richard Alles

5. Firman P05702

This is another portable gas generator that weighs around 214 lb. The primary reason for its popularity is its remote and electric start motor. You can say goodbye to pulling strings or getting up and manually turning on the generator. Instead, this generator comes with a remote control that can be very easy to use.

It also has wheels that allow you to transport the generator wherever you like. The wheels are also durable, so you don’t have to worry about possible wear and tear.

My home is totally of the grid and I use the generator to supplement my power as necessary. It helps recharge my batteries on the long gray days with no sun. It even has enough power to run my well pump without bogging down. It has power to spare.

Jack (Westcliffe, CO)

6. Generac GP3000i

Finding generators with 50% starting capacity and affordable cost can be a little challenging. But now, you no need to look further. Generac GP3000i offers PowerRUSH Technology that provides your higher starting capacity. 

You can also benefit from its 16A DC port, two 2.1A USB ports, and an AC outlet. Since it has 3000 starting watts, you can use a 12,000 BTU AC unit.

I have a SUA2300 that I was using on my boat to run AC and other items. got this to have an ultra quite generator. The noise level is half of the SU. I was surprised when it ran everything on my boat at the same time. air condition, ac outlets, battery charger, microwave and coffee pot. Both generators have the same size tank. aprox 1.1 gal. the su will make it between 10 and 11 hrs. just running the ac at night. best that the generac would do is 5.5 hrs. so it is a trade off for less noise to get up at 3 in the morning to refill the tank.

Hassler A

7. WestinghouseiGen 2200

This generator produces 2200 watts while weighing just 46 lbs. Most importantly, it only produces 52 dB, making it both light and quiet machine. You can install this generator in your house or business, or even take it camping.

WestinghouseiGen can also run for 12 hours on a full tank, allowing you to use it for much longer without worrying about filling it up again. The generator has a double-insulated acoustic enclosure, asymmetrical cooling fans, and low-tune mufflers. All of these properties alone make it a wonderful option for people who are less familiar with generators.

We have been talking for about a year on getting a small portable generator for more rustic off grid camping. This Westinghouse iGen 2500 showed up for sale a couple weeks ago so we jumped on it. At first, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be enough power to run the whole camper and the AC unit but I figured I would buy this and if it wasn’t enough power I would just buy another one and parallel them.

We took it out to a more rustic campground this past weekend to test it out. The generator ran the camper and the AC at the same time and on the generator meter, it showed it was only a little past half capacity at that. I would imagine if we had a coffee pot going and ran the microwave at the same time that that probably would have tripped it but if you’re strategic about what you use and when you use it, it shouldn’t be a problem.

J Dogg

8. Pulsar PG2300iS

Pulsar is one of the most popular generator brands, as it offers a range of unique products. It produces 1,800 watts at just 59 dB, making it highly efficient and noise-free equipment. Because of its almost quiet operation, you can keep it near your house without worrying about the sound that it makes.

This generator can run for more than 5 hours at a 50% load. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to store and transport.

Very compact, fairly light weight little generator. It started on the first pull after i added oil and gas to it. It works great for what it is, an emergency generator. Over all it is a great generator for the money. It should last a long time if you change the oil regularly as recommended. If you plan to store it and not running it too often, I recommend you to add some gas stabilizer to the tank before you put it away to store. I plan to run it every 2-3 months or at least 2-3 times per year to keep it well lubricated and hope it will last a long time

J. Tryner

9. Generac GP2500i

Generac’s model GP2500i is also an amazing option for people who want budget-friendly and easy-to-use generators. This generator weighs 48 pounds and has a width of 20 inches. 

The running wattage of 2,200 allows you to use all your essential devices for a few hours. This generator also offers you USB ports for DC charging and LED indicators of low oil.

Was very surprised at how quiet this is. Already have over 10 hours use on it and no issues at all. Bought this to go fly my rc planes so I can charge my packs on the field and it works very well. I have a large generac as well but it is way to heavy to take to the field, so that is why I purchased this. It’s still kind of heavy, but it’s perfect for what I am using it for. Only thing I noticed is if the oil is not filled properly and it is not setting on a flat surface the oil level safety will shut it down. Only thing I dislike about it. But overall you can’t beat this or the price for a inverter.

Kenneth E.

10. DuroMax XP5500EH 

DuroMax generators are the last on our list. They are totally worth the price and offer you great features. DuroMaxXP5500EH can produce 5500 watts, which is a significant amount that can power your AC and refrigerator.

Since the brand produces all the necessary generator accessories, DuroMax XP5500EH is compatible with almost every type of accessory. So, if you want to connect different wires or alarms, you can easily do that.

Very satisfied with this purchase! It was shipped within the timeframe, and the shipping company honored my instructions regarding location for delivery. The product set-up instructions and documentation are very good, and the generator started up within 5 seconds using the electronic start. Noise is acceptable and consistent with other generators of this size and type. The generator is easy to move using the handles, which fold out of the way for storage and use. Ran the generator for 3 hours with no issues whatsoever.

I consider this an excellent value! I read a number of negative reviews, but by following the start-up instructions, I had absolutely no issues. My experience so far is only positive. The generator did what I needed it to do.

Roger W.

Bottom Line

So, invest in any high-quality, reliable generator that works best for you. Make sure to look for some important factors like budget, features, and quality before purchasing one.

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